Hello! My name is Jonathan. Here I explain techniques to study effectively for classes in a fast and fun way. The methods can be applied to almost any class. Most courses can become a painless breeze, and courses that are famous for being difficult like Organic Chemistry can be a stepping stone. With these tools my study time in non-science courses averages around 20 minutes per exam. In upper-division science courses I study around 2 hours per exam. A’s are attainable with this study time.

Many of these concepts are founded in Japanese-language learning techniques from All Japanese all the Time. The author of the site became fluent with Japanese in 18 months. I have used my experience studying as a Biology major for 4 and a half years to refine ideas for University courses, and especially science courses.

There are many ways to study, and I offer this method as an alternative to traditional ideas. It focuses on efficiency and the concepts behind developing memories to quickly build strong memories with orders of magnitude less effort than traditional study methods. I believe these techniques will work for anyone willing to believe in themselves and their ability to learn.

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